Sardinia blue zone experience from Cagliari : visit the area home to the world’s longest-living people

Discover a village, in the center of Sardinia, where an American research team investigated the genetic trait of its inhabitants and found out the presence of nearly 10 times more centenarians per capita than the U.S. Many shepherds live in this beautiful part of Sardinia, covered with chestnut and oak woods.

People of this area have kept to a very traditional, healthy lifestyle. Sardinians put family first, they still harvest the food they eat, They remain close with friends and family throughout their lives and they laugh and drink Cannonau wine together.

The Sardinia Blue Zone Experience unique of its kind: a whole day in close contact with the local population of a small town at the heart of Sardinia! We will learn how to prepare some traditional delicacies and You will have the possibility to take part of some workshops of typical products (fresh pasta, bread, nougat, cheese and carapigna), depend of the season. The family environment, in which you will be immersed, will allow you to interact in person with the space and the people around you. You will make a real journey into the past, between simplicity, authenticity, local traditions and naturalness.

Sardinia Blue Zone Experience

Why do so many centenarians live in Sardinia? People of this area are culturally isolated, and they have kept to a very traditional, healthy lifestyle: they still hunt, fish and harvest the food they eat.

People who live in strong, healthy families suffer lower rates of depression, suicide, and stress.

Walking five miles a day or more as Sardinian shepherds do provides all the cardiovascular benefits you might expect,

and also has a positive effect on muscle and bone metabolism without the joint-pounding of running marathons or triathlons.

Sardinia Blue Zone Experience

Spend a whole day with a family from central Sardinia, discover a small village surrounded by forests where life flows slowly and where many centenarians live eating healthy food and breathing pure air!

We learn to make carasau bread, shepherds’ bread and homemade pasta and then we all eat together in grandma’s house!

Sardinia Blue Zone Experience

Sardinia Blue Zone Experience details

-Departure from Cagliari
-village visit & Carpenter visit
-Fresh Pasta (ravioli & gnocchetti sardi) & Carasau bread workshop
– Family lunch at Grandma’s
– Old prison visit & ancient noble house (this stop can be changed to Barumini archaeological Unesco site, if guests are interested in archaeology).
– Transfer back to Hotel in Cagliari

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Sardinia Blue Zone Experience